Remove Shortcut Arrow on Icon in Windows

Assalaamualaikum,,, :), hey guys (or in Indonesia is pemirsa, pe pe mir mir sa sa pemirsa (tukul mode on)), how are you? I wish you joy and happiness :). I’m sorry for long time without post anything because of my job and my study, okay, now I want to share about Windows registry, how to remove shortcut arrow on icon in windows, WTF??

notepad icon with arrow

I think that arrow is block our view and make that icon looks bad :(, so how to remove it?

Very much post discussed about it and many ways to remove it but here we will ‘play‘ our Windows registry :D, let’s begin;

1. Open your registry editor, you can do it from Start, type “regedit” (without “) in Search programs and file box like image below;
type regedit

2. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile, and you will found IsShortcut registry string like image below;
rename it, you can rename it with your name, ex: IsShortcutBen;

3. Do same ‘playing’ with IsShortcut registry string from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile, rename it with your name :);

4. Log off or restart your computer and you will found your icon desktop looks clear 🙂 like below;

notepad icon without arrow

Because of this is first post I’m writing in English, correct me for any mistake :). Thankyou

and if you need to scan this page by QR Code, it’s here:


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